The “Rocket Mortgage Effect” is Driving Digital Mortgage Software

Rocket Mortgage set a new standard of consumer expectations for the mortgage application process. Other non-bank lenders like LoanDepot, Better Mortgage, SoFi, Lenda, and Movement Mortgage see the opportunity and have followed by overhauling clunky application forms and LOS interfaces.


Proliferation of Digital Workflow Tools for Agents and LOs

Like many other areas of software, self-service applications are in high demand. Agents and loan officers see the value of using technology to increase volume. Platforms with lightweight backends, mobile-first designs, and simple monthly SaaS pricing are creating bottoms-up adoption. Download our Market Perspective deck to see our market map of established players and new entrants.


Investor and Strategic Buyer Interest Continues to Increase

Growth capital investments and M&A activity are increasing. Early and late stage investors, including Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, Wellington Capital Management, NEA, and Norwest Venture Partners have invested in the digital mortgage theme. Download our Market Perspectives deck for a breakdown of the most relevant M&A and financing deals in the sector.


Our Digital Mortgage Market Map

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