Digital Mortgage software

Consumer expectations driving innovation across the ecosystem for modern, mobile mortgage application experience- ‘Rocket Mortgage’ effect. Agents and loan officers adopting digital solutions to simplify complex workflow as the technology has proven value to increase volume. Attractive segment for private investors and early innings of consolidation.


Real Estate Technology

Online marketplace and technology proliferation has empowered consumers and is changing broker dynamics with potential to eventually disinter mediate. Mortgage becoming ‘top of the funnel’ vs brokers for consumers with direct online access, creating substantial innovation in process automation. All aspects of mortgage experience and purchase path moving online. In the back office title and appraisal also beginning to go digital. The minutia of transaction needs to be more efficient and transparent.


Global Skills Training & Testing

Massive global demographic shifts and skills gap driving need for technology enabled skills training. Substantial shortage of educated, skilled workers and college graduates entering job market with necessary capabilities. Online training and skill certifications critical component of modern labor.


Corporate Sales Training Enablement software

Corporate training solutions have evolved from an extensions of human capital and talent management to ROI based training that is contextual. Sales training has substantial effect on top line revenue and customer success for large enterprises, prevent that well trained reps vastly outperform. Substantial corporate budgets available for solutions beyond ineffective static content libraries.


Enterprise Social analytics & Cx software

Social data solutions are moving from a silo-ed marketing department need to a critical component of C-Suite decisioning. Stand-alone social media publishing, listening and voice of customer survey solutions need to evolve. Need for consolidated customer experience data that is real-time unsolicited on Social Media and solicited from surveys or CRM.


Software Development Lifecycle

Digital business and DevOps shift driving substantial change and burden on Enterprise IT operations. Legacy systems and processes need to connect with modern systems of engagement and rapid development cycles. Rapid growth in sector has created a population of point solution providers and hand full of large private leaders. Healthy M&A consolidation occurring and we expect it to continue.